A retaining wall is defined as any structure constructed for the role of supporting dirt that otherwise wouldn’t be self-supporting.

Since keeping walls have an influence on the surrounding environment and may be subject to fall or even well-constructed, council approval is often required before you are able to build one. You might also require an expert to design and reevaluate your own plans.

Generally speaking, if the elevation of the retaining wall surpasses 1 metre, then you’ll require a structural engineer to design your new wall. The height of a retaining wall is not the sole consideration. Where you’re going to be constructing it might also be crucial. When it’s near or on a construction or the border of your house, you might have to acquire council consent irrespective of its elevation. The rationale behind this is straightforward: the greater the retaining wall the more safety becomes a priority.

You can typically erect a retaining wall without requiring consent if it meets the following:

  • If the highest height of the retaining wall is significantly less than one metre. In other regions, however, the elevation is restricted to 600mm or 800mm.
  • A retaining wall shouldn’t divert water onto an adjacent land block.
  • The retaining wall has to be at least 1 metre from any documented easement, water or sewer main.
  • It cannot be found closer than 50 metres in the natural body of water.
  • The crucial thing is to consult the regional council before you begin constructing your wall. Do this in the planning stages

How can you receive council approval to construct a retaining wall?

If council approval is necessary, it’s because a retaining wall can pose a threat to individuals or the environment unless it’s suitably constructed.

The only means to make certain it doesn’t is to get the well approved and designed by professionals. In some regions, you’ll have to engage the assistance of a structural engineer. In different parts of Australia, you might want to go through precisely the exact same process you go through to get a house renovation. In Cases like This, You’ll Need to:Thankfully, this is all part of our service and one less thing to worry about.

  • Lodge a construction program.
  • Have a qualified drafter or architect draw your plans or an engineer. We can assist as part of our services
  • Hire a building certifier, who will approve your plans and make periodic inspections to ensure the retaining wall is being built according to specifications.

If you believe that the retaining wall may require council approval, it’s most likely a job best left to the specialists, like us.