How long will your new retaining wall last? In short, timber walls will last about 20 years while stone and concrete walls can last up to 100 years. But, there are a lot of things to consider when determining how long a retaining wall will last, but for most well made walls they will outlast most of us reading this today.

In determining potential lifespans of retaining walls we first need to look at the materials used, site, soil, foundations and moisture. All of these factors have some degree of impact on the potential life of the wall.

Timber retaining walls will not last as long as one made from stone or concrete. Timber will eventually rot due to exposure and moisture, however, for those on a budget this can make a great choice, and the timber will last a couple of decades at least, provided it has been treated. Hardwood, such as railway sleepers will typically last longer than treated pine, but will come at a higher cost.

If you want a wall that will last from 50 to 100 years it’s advisable to look at concrete or stone. These walls are impervious to moisture and do not rot. They are the choice if you want something to last a very long time. However, even the hardest material is prone to poor planning, poor foundations and poor building.

Just like a house, well formed and stable foundations will ensure that your wall will not only hold the soil back, but last multiple decades, regardless of the material used. When we build a retaining wall for you we can guarantee that all aspects, regardless of the material used, will be of the highest quality to ensure that your retaining wall lasts the test of time