Numerous Variables will influence the Expense of your retaining wall, Especially:

Small retaining walls can be constructed for under a million dollars and grow to up to ten million bucks. A minimal cost retaining wall could be constructed with untreated pine, but may have a limited lifespan and structural integrity. For exceptional durability elect for treated wood, concrete, stone or brick. These choices will be more expensive.

Also expect to pay more for keeping walls which need council approval and structural diagrams, all extra costs that you’ll be responsible for. Other factors that will influence overall price comprise excavation and drainage conditions for your worksite. Expect to be quoted based on substances and labour, together with material calculated on a per square metre basis.

Some of the retaining wall material you have to choose from include:

  • Concrete: Aside from poured concrete, you have regular concrete blocks and cement bricks to choose from to build a concrete retaining wall.
  • Brick is a perennial favourite. If you have had a small bricklaying experience and your wall isn’t too high, you might have the ability to get excellent results. If your results are less than ideal, you could always leave the bricks after you are done.
  • Natural rock boulders make great retaining walls. Expect it to be more than a quick weekend job, however, because part of the art of stacking boulders is finding the perfect match.
    Retaining wall block systems can be found that are excellent for a DIY retaining wall project.

Expect to be quoted based on materials and labour, with materials calculated on a per square metre basis.

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