Retaining wall materials vary in cost from relatively inexpensive to very expensive. In order of cost, these are some prices for retaining wall materials:

  • Treated pine and is the least expensive material. However, it will not last as long as some other materials. If galvanised posts are set up between the treated pine, it is going to extend the life span of the retaining wall.
  • Hardwood is more expensive than treated pine. Make sure that it is treated to a grade which makes it stand up to the dirt and water it’ll be holding back. Railway sleepers are another option and are constructed to withstand water and ground contact. They may be grey or coloured and may have a very long lifespan. They may be set up between galvanised steel or concrete posts.
  • Besser blocks are rather expensive to have installed.
  • Interlocking concrete cubes come in a number of prices. Straight and curved blocks are accessible and corner cubes and capping are also offered. They’re designed for DIY or professional installation. If the wall is over the recommended height for DIY construction, retaining wall contractors can easily build a wall out of interlocking blocks which require no mortar.
  • Sandstone can be ground and reconstituted to seem like natural sandstone. It’s reconstituted in molds and may look like natural sandstone, but as it’s produced in molds, will be more regular in shape.\
  • Natural stone can be relatively cheap or very expensive. If the stone is cut, it may be the most expensive choice.
  • Natural stone is more mixed in size and appearance, even if the rock is cut.

Bear in mind that choosing the lowest priced retaining wall material may be more expensive in the long term. Treated pine as well as hardwood will not survive as long as concrete or natural rock. To be certain that you receive a long-lasting treated pine retaining wall, it ought to be rated HR5, making it highly water and insect resistant. Anything less than HR5 will not last long and you might want to replace the retaining wall much sooner.

Assuming it is a simple job, you might not need to pay twice as much per square metre to your retaining wall. On the other hand, if paying more means the retaining wall will look better, you may forget the additional cost through the last few years and appreciate having a beautiful retaining wall that improves the look of your backyard or front. Think carefully before picking retaining wall materials. A beautiful retaining wall may also boost the purchase price of the house should you choose to sell.